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Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

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Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

The patient is given inj GCSF for 4-5 days and then his stem cells are harvested in the blood bank. Patient is then given chemotherapy and the harvested stem cells are re-infused into the patients. The recovery takes 2-3 weeks after which the patient is discharged.

Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant

a. Matched Donor Transplant- About 25-30% patients have HLA matched brothers and sisters who can donate stem cells to the patient. The donors are evaluated (pre-transplant workup) and then given inj GCSF for 4-5 days. Recipient who has received conditioning chemotherapy is given the stem cells and these cells take 2-3 weeks to grow. Once engrafted the patient is monitored for the side-effects and is discharged if recovery is normal.

b. Matched Unrelated Donor Transplant- If HLA matched family donor is not available then the donor can be searched in the registry this is called mud transplant. The donor search and workup may take time.

c. Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplant- If HLA matched donor is not available then half matched family donor can also be considered for allogeneic BMT, this is called haploidentical stem cell transplant.

Complications of bone marrow transplant- This life saving procedure which has cured millions of people worldwide with various life-threatening blood diseases (which are otherwise incurable) is associated with some risks. The common risks associated with BMT include acute and chronic GVHD, which is a type of reaction by donor stem cells within the recipient’s body. The other risks are infections during the transplant and risk of rejection of transplant or relapse of the disease.

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